elcome to Bosskat Dobermanns. We are a small newly established kennel situated in the beautiful Cumbrian countryside near Carlisle in England. We bought our first dobermann dog 'Khan' in 1980 and
in 1981 got a bitch we named 'Jana'.



But the foundations of the stock we have and show today come from our foundation bitch Champion Sallate Levi, who herself came from another excellent brood bitch Sallate Standerbert Diploma.

Although Levi was on breeding terms to Graham and Maxine Hunt it was up to us who we were going to mate her to. After a long talk with the late Fiona Field of the Holtzburg affix we decided to mate her back to her father Champion Holtzburg Mayhem. Mayhem had been Top Stud in all breeds as well as Top sire in his breed.
He was one of the most consistent producers of his day. This mating was a bit ˜risky"™ but well worth it. The males out of this litter were pretty average but the 4 bitches were all outstanding.


Ch sallate Levi



UK & Ir Champion Bosskat Bonza
, owned by Beverly Gormley Bred by Dave & Barbara Mitchell.


“Extremely masculine, outstanding head superb conformation, very well balanced in good hard condition.”Judge, Vicki Roach (Bronorn)

“Powerhouse of a dog, super front angulation, totally balanced nothing weak about him. Once settled moved with powerful reach & drive, obviously a handful to control"Judge, Tracy Dougherty

“Good neck sloping into good shoulder placement, strong topline, chest well down, good feet, lovely in profile, what a powerful mover, handler did well with this strong dog.”Judge, Alison Dougherty

“In top condition with strength and muscle, credit to his owner and breeder. , head has a blunt wedge with good depth of muzzle, alert expression arched neck and a good layback of shoulder.”Judge, Hazel A Jones


Show Results 2003


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